About Us


Sangita Voralia is a native of India and the main artist and founder of Sangita Henna.com. From a young age Sangita was exposed to the Indian cultures and traditions. This exposure has greatly influenced Sangita‘s artwork as the use of bold, vivid colours; embellished details and richness of texture that dominates her work. She was working in Bahrain and Dubai since 1993 and came to United Kingdom in 2000.


Training and Experience:

Sangita‘s passion was to teach and create new henna designs. She had a great experience working with the best henna artists in Dubai with whom she completed her training. Her professionalism was admired by so many people due to the popularity of her work she was hired to do Henna for members of the Royal Families of Bahrain, Dubai and Abu- Dhabi. It was a great honour for Sangita to be given such a big opportunity and she was also looking after one of the most famous Salons in Dubai with the name “Rachna Henna Salon” which was launched by her auntie.


Sangita Voralia statement: “I have been doing very unique bridal designs since 1994 and I have received many positive complements from my customers. My versatility and experimental approach enables me to create any fabulous look that is desired by my clients and I offer them my expert input which makes them look stunning.”



Sangita Henna has been providing henna services in the UK since 2002. We enjoy creating new designs and we are open to individual design suggestions that can be incorporated into a chosen design by the client. Our product is completely 100% natural. We Provide our services for birthday celebrations, bridal showers, bachelorette parities, holiday parties, girl's night out, corporate events, formal events, belly dance events, festival/fairs, baby showers and more!. Our team members are available for private, corporate events, one to one and group appointments.


Please contact us directly via our website or telephone for all your queries.